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Robert B. Newell

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The information listed below is for the benefit of Legionnaires who would like to contact the Department Headquarters.

Department Employees - Trenton Office
171 Jersey Street Build #5, 2nd Floor
Trenton, NJ 08611
Phone: 609-695-5418
Fax: 609-394-1532
John Baker Department Adjutant
Mary Lou Tancredi Department Admin. Assistant - Finance and Personnel
Tricia Grunewald Membership Secretary
Lois McNulty Commander's Secretary
Tammie Abdrabou Department Programs Secretary

Person(s) to Contact
Address Corrections (Legion and SAL) All Personnel
Administrative/Secretarial Matters John or Mary Lou
Boys Scouts Tammie
Boys State Tammie
Charters (Legion and SAL) Tricia or John
Programs (Labels, Cards, etc.) Lois
Coloring Contest Tammie
Consolidated Post Report Form Tammie
Department Commander's Schedule Lois or John
Department Convention (Ads, Boosters, Memorial Lists, and Registration) Lois
Department Convention Parade (Entries, Results, etc.) Lois
Department Executive Committee Meetings and Minutes (Committee Meetings) John
Direct Billing Information Tricia, Tammie
Direct Membership Solicitation (DMS) Tricia
Finances (Vouchers, etc.) Mary Lou
Insurance Information Kenneth Connors
Legion Leadership College John
Legislation John
License Plates Lois
Membership (Legion and SAL) Tricia
National Supplies and Brochures (Data Forms, etc.) Tricia
National Convention Matters John
Oratorical Contest Tammie
Post and County Officer Forms (Legion and SAL) Tammie
Post 1000 Tricia or All Personnel
Public Relations and Publicity Tammie
Rehabilitation and Service Kenneth Connors
Safety Essay and Poster Tammie
Urgent Matters to be brought to the attention of the Department John

Department Employees - Newark Office
c/o VARO 20 Washington Place
Newark, NJ 07102
(973) 297 3377 or (973) 623 6298
Kenneth Connors Department Service Officer
Judith Morales Assistant Dept. Service Officer
Illka Torres Secretary